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Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner (August 2016)

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 in Big Chop Winners | 0 comments

Big Chop ”HAIR” Story Winner


Amber Evereteze (Atlanta, Georgia)
Big Chop: January 5, 2016


What has returning back to your natural hair texture taught you about yourself? 

“OMG, I wish I did it sooner!  I love my curls and coils so much!  My big chop actually inspired me to create my YouTube Channel ‘Naturalistas’.  I put so much time into learning not only about my hair texture but others as well.  I love embracing my natural because it’s so empowering to be able to rock your natural hair; I honestly wish I had been natural all my life.”


What are your natural hair goals?

“My goal is to reach bra strap length by 3 years post big chop…  It has only been 7 months so far.  My biggest goal is to keep my hair healthy and keep length retention, however, I believe the health of my hair is way more important than the length.”


What is your “Big Chop” HAIR Story?

“Wow!  This is a story, but I will make it short!  So, I started transitioning in October of last year.  I started to get the hang of the natural life but I was still too scared to cut my hair.  My hair was my crown and I loved it, but those raggedy ends were killing my Braid Outs. So, I decided that when I go home for winter break, it would be time to get the big chop.

Fast forwarding, to the day of the big chop, I sat anxiously as my hairdresser was washing my hair just thinking about the decision I was about to make…  It’s GONE!  That was my exact response until she turned me around to the mirror.  I was still very shocked at what I just did but, a little voice in my head was saying, ‘It’s just hair girl, get it together, look at how healthy your hair is going to be.’

That voice was just the reassurance I needed to know that I was making the right decision and I loved that I made that decision to this day.  This is my hair story because I learned to love my natural curls even with the criticism of others. After the big chop, I’ve put in so much work to help influence other women to embrace their natural hair and show how versatile our hair is!”


I AM  My “HAIR”  Story

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