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Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner (January 2014)

Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner (January 2014)

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Big Chop Winners | 1 comment

Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner


Teisha M. (January 2014 - Big Chop Winner)

Teisha M. (Jacksonville, FL)
Big Chop (#2): October 12, 2013


What has returning back to your natural hair texture taught you about yourself?

It has taught me to love myself more and to embrace my natural beauty!


What are your natural hair goals?

My short term goal is to grow my natural hair to the length of my shoulders and then flat iron my platinum blonde hair.


What is your “Big Chop” HAIR Story?

My faith and natural beauty revelation came about during the third day of me being in beauty school for cosmetology…  That’s when I “Big Chopped”.  I also prayed and asked the Lord to give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding to help His people with their hair and beauty needs.  In order for you to embrace others beauty, you have to embrace yourself first.  These are the things that I learned during my journey of embracing my natural hair.


I AM My “HAIR” Story

    1 Comment

  1. Sherri,Your little girl is already infused with a love to share the Ch8i#t&sr217;s good news that some older followers of Jesus never learn to have–so grateful for her passion

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