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Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner (September 2015)

Big Chop “HAIR” Story Winner (September 2015)

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Big Chop Winners | 3 comments

Big Chop ”HAIR” Story Winner


Rita Rattigan (September 2015 - Big Chop WINNER)

Rita Rattigan (Wesley Chapel, FL)
Big Chop: September 1, 2015


What has returning back to your natural hair texture taught you about yourself? 

To embrace the uniqueness within me and see the beauty of my reflection in the mirror smiling back at me. It has also taught me that change is good and no one can make a new start for you unless you step out and embrace it first. Also, once you decide to do something, other events in your life start to line up for the good. A great man said, “A change is not a change until you change.”


What are your natural hair goals?

To find styles that compliment my look. I am not into complicated hair do’s. I just want it simple, healthy, beautiful, unique to me, and easy to manage. Additionally, low cost for me.


What is your “Big Chop” HAIR Story?

I have been wearing Sisterlocks® for 13 years and decided around two – three years ago that I needed a change. I really enjoyed my Sisterlocks®. I had great fun with my hair and received compliments every day, even when it did not look good to me.

I stopped enjoying my hair when it was becoming thin due to coloring. I was trying to escape my grey hair. I am still not there yet to embrace a full head of grey hair. That will be my next chapter! I took my hair to God in prayer asking for direction.

The Word says that “He cares about everything that concerns me”. I feel an inner change within and it was time for a new beginning. I felt confident about my decision the same way I felt when I switched from the perm (Relaxer) to Sisterlocks®.

This is a new and exciting chapter in my life, and I am confidently looking forward to greater things taking place in my life. So far, I have received great compliments about my new look. “I Am in Charge of My “HAIR” Story” because I feel secure about my decision to let go of my Sisterlocks®.

My family and close friends supported my decision and they were in favor of my new change. Regardless if they were against it, I was not going to change my mind. Having their support is comforting. I am enjoying the new me and it is settled within me. All is well!


I AM  My “HAIR”  Story


  1. Yah-Tay

    “CONGRATS” Once Again Rita on your “Big Chop HAIR Story” WIN! Your story was very inspirational delivering the message of “CHANGE”. It’s only when one makes the decision to change and act upon it that real change occurs!

    We’re glad to know that this “Big Chop Journey” has been instrumental in you learning to “Embrace the uniqueness within you” as you enter into the next chapter of your life. May you be encouraged to continue on this “Natural Hair Journey” honoring the “REAL YOU” with “Dignity, Pride and Self-Realization”.

    And remember to ALWAYS “Embrace Your Natural Hair and Celebrate Your Real Rootz.” ~Miss Pro Natural (Yah-Tay)

  2. Awesome! Congrats, Ms. Rita!

  3. Congrats, Ms. Rita! I am happy for you and I am on my own natural hair journey as well! Nearly one year! 🙂

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