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Contest Guidelines

Big Chop “Hair” Story Contest



The Big Chop “HAIR” Story Contest (BCHSC) was established for the COURAGEOUS WOMEN AND TEEN GIRLS who have decided to RETURN BACK TO THEIR NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE by using the “Big Chop” method and to also provide those Naturalistas with an opportunity to share their natural hair journey…  This natural hair contest is solely created to CELEBRATE and HONOR your decision on making the Big Chop and Being In Charge of Your “HAIR” Story”!


The contest will start 12:00:01AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on 10/3/2018 and end on 10/17/2018 at 11:59:59PM EST (contest entry period). Entrants (Person who submits entry) must complete the entry form and upload their “Big Chop” photo to enter.  The BCHSC is designed to award 1 (One) Grand Prize Winner (per contest entry period). Entrants must have performed their “Big Chop” within the last 12 Months of the BCHSC End Date. Entries can only be submitted once per entry period; winners cannot reenter contest until one calendar year has passed (from date of winner’s announcement) and another “Big Chop” must have been performed in order to be eligible for reentry.


1.  Complete the entry form by providing the information requested.

2.  In the space provided on the entry form, write your “HAIR” Story in 300 words or less describing your “Big Chop” experience, why you decided to return back to your natural hair texture and why you believe you are in charge of your “HAIR” Story.

Please Note: Your “HAIR” Story must be original and written in your own words. It cannot be longer than 300 words; if your “HAIR” Story exceeds the required amount, only the initial 300 words will be judged.

Submissions of your “HAIR” Story, grants Real Rootz Apparel the right to use, edit, publish, and/or modify such entry and the concepts embodied therein; also note that ALL ENTRIES become the sole property of Real Rootz Apparel and WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

3.  Upload 1 (One) photograph of yourself sporting your new “Big Chop” hairdo (JPEG Format/Full Size/2MB Max). Once you have completed your entry, click the “Submit” button to enter.

“Entry” is defined for the purpose of this BCHSC as: Completing the entry form, typing the 300 words or less “HAIR” Story, and uploading a photograph of you sporting your new “Big Chop” hairdo. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED no later than 11:59:59PM EST by contest entry closed date. Multiple BCHSC participants are not permitted to share the same email address nor submit entries from various email addresses for the same participant.

Information collected from an Entrant will be used for the purpose of judging the BCHSC and to notify the Entrant in the event her Entry is chosen as the Winner. Your information WILL NOT be reused, sold or shared in any manner by Real Rootz Apparel unless Entrant has opted-in to receive additional information and promotional materials from Real Rootz Apparel ONLY.


Entrants must be FEMALE, have recently performed their “Big Chop” within the last 12 Months of the BCHSC End Date, and at least 16 years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees of Real Rootz Apparel, its advertising and promotion agencies and members of the immediate families (defined as spouses, parents, children, and siblings and each of their respective spouses) or households of any of the above ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to enter or win. By participating and/or accepting the prizes, Entrants agree to be bound by the BCHSC Guidelines and accept the decisions of Real Rootz Apparel as final in all matters relating to this contest.

Judging Criteria/Notifications:

Your “HAIR” Story will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Originality of written “HAIR” Story (40%), Clarity/Conciseness of written “HAIR” Story (35%) and “Big Chop” hairdo photo submission (25%).  All eligible entries will be viewed and judged by Real Rootz Apparel, announcing the winner on October 24, 2018  to the general public.  The BCHSC Winner (for specified contest entry period only) will be notified by email and/or telephone (if number was provided) within 24 hours of decision.

Upon notification, the BCHSC Winner will be required to verify their mailing address for shipment of prizes and verify their tshirt or tank size.   The BCHSC Winner will also be asked to submit an additional photo (optional) taken in their “Big Chop Tshirt or Tank” to include in the “Big Chop” family photo album once they have received their prizes.

Grand Prizes:

• Winner will receive a “Big Chop” Tshirt or Tank (In Black OR White)

• Winner will received a “Special Gift”

• Winner will received an autographed copy of the “To Chop or Not?” Poem

• Winner’s picture and their Big Chop “HAIR” Story will be featured on Real Rootz Apparel’s My “HAIR” Story Blog