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  • Sabrina, Photographer

    I Love my Real Rootz Apparel T!!!   Taking charge of my hair story says exactly how I feel, and I look jazzy in it!

  • Barbara

    I love my ‘Healthy Hair is Priceless” t-shirt.

  • Alexander Ravenel II

    The apparel is a moving, introspective and searching message with action. Those who wear the apparel are reflective of an 'origin acceptance' and make a statement that says "I AM ME" and I accept that "I AM THAT I AM."

  • Betty Gathers, CCCE, CLD, CTSP

    My shirt is white with the logo on the front and back.  Usually when you get a tee you do not get the writing on the back. I love my shirt and will order again.

  • Meko, RNC-OB, BSN, C-EFM, CLNC

    My "Big Chop" tank makes me proud to be black, bald and beautiful.

  • Mary

    Having self-confidence is important in every aspect of your life…  I was contemplating going from a relaxer to wearing my natural hair.  After greeting and meeting the owner of Real Rootz Apparel, “Yah-Tay” inspired me when she gave me a “Good Hair Poem” t-shirt which convinced me to make the transition.  ~Thanks Real Rootz Apparel,

  • MonaLisa

    “When I wear my “Celebrate Black Hair” tshirt, it gives me bolder confidence, increasing my self-esteem that much more…  And I don’t feel hesitant about the way I wear my natural hair out.  It also makes me want to do more styles with my hair as it boosts my spirit making me feel VERY PROUD of my heritage.”